Sabtu, 21 Mei 2011

See Around and Find Happiness

Feeling blue, sad, or saturated with your daily routines? Or don't have any idea where to go in the weekend? Or feeling useless? 

Well, I often have these sort of feelings too. But actually, we don't need to go far away to refresh our mood or to find happiness. All we have to do is just look around and see what you find, as there may be something, or someone who really needs your touch! That’s what could be the hidden key to help us find happiness by strengthening a connection between us and the world. 

We all have connections / links with each other irrespective of the fact whether we like them or not as it's very hard for us to live solitary. Everything has its own purpose or reason in the Universe so nothing is meant to be useless as far as its being is concerned in this world. 
Have you ever felt bliss in your heart  when you see a little child jumping in happiness after you give a scoop of ice cream to him? Or have you ever felt proud of yourself after helping a little kitten under the tree? Or you might have felt better or had good mood after doing some gardening? Or did you get some ideas after cleaning and redecorating your house?
It is really Interesting, isn't it? Coz the real bliss is everywhere, and we can find it easily as we don't need to make extra efforts at all! Since everything in this Universe is interrelated / connected to each other, so the more we help each other, or ourselves, the merrier we will be or the better our lives will be. This is what I believe as far as finding happiness is concerned.
Don't think that I'm perfect as sometimes I also become so fool and selfish. But since,  I know that how to take care of myself in fact, I am the one who is responsible for my own happiness, so I try to do so as I really believe in what I discussed above. At last but not the least, I must say to  common masses since we live in this world and we cant live lonely so we shall help each other shan't we?